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After releasing their debut album No Goodbyes in 2004, The TRS is almost ready to release their second album in spring 2006. The new recording will have about 15 songs that range from quintet pieces all the way down to duet and solo tracks. The great bassist Roscoe Beck is featured on nearly all songs. David Chenu and Andy Beaudoin join the TRS this time to help mix up the flavor.

This recording stays true to the TRS roots, but also dabbles in free jazz stylings as well as uncommon instrumental combinations ie. saxophone and piano duet, drums and guitar duet, etc.

Listen to recent live performance of the group on air with John Aielli's Eklektikos, KUT Austin.

******New Interview******
Read an exclusive interview with Austin, Texas's Park Street. Read what Tucker has to say about the new album and more....

Listen to some unmastered sound clips of the new album called "Ideas." To be released September 2006
Animous Sky Down Low


Tucker Rountree Sound's first album "No Goodbyes" is  available.
You can purchase it:

Online@ CD Baby.com

or  In Person@

Waterloo Records and Cheapo Discs in Austin, Texas

Orion's in Salt Lake City, Utah

Bud's Jazz Records in Seattle, Washington.


No Goodbyes  was Tucker's first recording with his newly assembled group in Austin, TX. Since 2004 they have been developing a certain fresh sound that is unmistakable amongst other Modern Jazz groups today.

"I think people misunderstand how organic music really is. Once you find the right people to play with, you just play. Not that I think practicing does not work, but there comes a time where you need to let go of the details and hope for the best. I think that applies to any creative endeavor."

The recording really captures a live context, in which the group tried to use all of the first takes in the recording. "We actually rehearsed only once before the session so we wouldn't take away from the spontaneity. Although we had played many gigs before that, so we knew what to expect from one another."

Tucker and his group are truly dedicated to making unique and exciting Jazz music, whether its on the road or at home in Austin be sure to check them out. You wont be disappointed!