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Jazz Guitarist in Salt Lake City, Utah

photography by Clay Shaw


Tucker Rountree is a composer, jazz guitarist, and educator.  As a product of the eighties, he was engrained with the new wave and pop music of the time, which is apparent in his original jazz compositions. Tucker was given his first guitar at the tender age of 4, and really started to get excited about learning at age 7 under his father's (Philip Rountree) guidance. His dad taught Tucker his first blues licks, basic -classical techniques, and always tried to sway Tucker into Jazz guitar stylings. One of Tucker's fondest memories is of his Grandpa Will Rountree playing old Jazz standards on the piano and guitar, which harvested the first seeds of Tucker's passion for Jazz music.  It wasn't until the age of 14, after "accidentally" checking out a big band album from the local library, that Tucker actually started listening to Jazz.  That accident turned out to be an act of fate, which eventually snowballed his interest

     Tucker's favorite influences include John Coltrane, Pat Metheny, Eric Johnson, John McLaughlin, Wayne Shorter, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, and Wolfgang Muthspiel.  Tucker is a completely self-taught musician and firmly believes that the best way to learn jazz is by playing it where ever you can, with whom ever you can.  Tucker has had the opportunity to play with many talented Austin musicians including, Roscoe Beck (bassist for Eric Johnson & Robben Ford), Chris Maresh (bassist for Eric Johnson), David Chenu (tenor saxophone), Philipe Vioux (tenor saxophone who toured with Horace Silver), and Brannen Temple..  The Tucker Rountree Sound tours regionally (Austin, Houston, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Seattle...to name a few) and where ever there is a listening audience!  When Tucker is not on the road, he also teaches guitar privately.