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True to the Jazz tradition, The Tucker Rountree Sound is always evolving. This means that while the musicians Tucker uses may vary from gig to gig, the sound Tucker is striving for is always present in his original compositions. 

Players often heard with Tucker are:

Jason Friedrich (drums):    is a drummer originally from Houston, Texas.  He was mentored by A.D. Mannion while studying music at The University of Texas at Austin.  Jason has recently recorded with David Chenu (saxophone), Chris Smith (bluegrass singer/songwriter), e.c.f.a. (free jazz trio), the normans (indie rock), and Tucker Rountree.  Jason Friedrich is an Innovative Percussion Inc. Artist and uses Innovative Percussion sticks, mallets and brushes exclusively.
Daniel Durham (acoustic bass):  is a seventeen year old prodigy and  is already way ahead of his time with his level of maturity in music.   He hears what a bassist needs to do to make things feel stable, while also playing harmonically for the listener.  Daniel has studied with various North Texas University professors as well as Chris Maresh. 
Andy Dollerson (piano):  is from England and received his Master's degree in music from Birmingham School of Music in England.  Andy is a very versatile pianist that has his own unique voice in jazz.  He also plays guitar and leads worship for Bridgepoint church in Austin, Texas. http://www.bridgepoint.org
Roscoe Beck (bass):  subs in with the group on occasion. The band always really enjoys playing with Roscoe (when we can catch him for a gig). When Roscoe is not in Austin, he is out on the road doing clinics for his new signature bass. Roscoe will be also release his first solo album within the year. Check out his Website at http://www.roscoebeck.com
David Chenu (tenor sax):  is widely sought after as a performer, educator, and arranger in the Central Texas area.  He currently maintains a private saxophone and clarinet studio of around thirty students. David was voted one of the top 10 horn players in the Austin Chronicle's 2002-3 and 2003-4 Austin Music Awards.  The David Chenu Quartet was also voted number THREE  in the Austin Chronicle's 2003-4 Austin Musis Awards in the jazz category. http://www.davidchenu.com
Andy Beaudoin (drums):  resides in Houston, Texas and teaches at a Houston Community College.  He received his Master's degree in music from the New England Conservatory in Boston, MA where he had the the opportunity to study with Bob Moses.  Andy's style is very complementary to Tucker's music and is very dynamic.
Kendall Eddy (bass): resides in Boston, MA and recently received a M.M. from the New England Conservatory.  He has studied classical music as well as jazz and tries to play the bass in a way that is supportive, creative, and individual.  Other favorite activities include traveling, reading, running and ping-pong.  He enjoys the weather in Austin much more than Boston, at least in the Winter, wouldn't you?


Chris Maresh (bass):  also subs in once in awhile with the group.  Known best for playing with Eric Johnson, Chris is a dependable and tasteful player that is a master of all styles.  Check out what is new with him at http://www.chrismaresh.com