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Jazz Education Program

Catching our breath, after the show. May 13, 2006. Paul Wertico, Doug Wright, Tucker.
After the benefit show. (From left to right) Andy Dollerson, Tucker Rountree, Tommy Taylor, Eric Johnson, and Jason Friedrich
Kendall Eddy, Tucker, and Jason Friedrich just returned from their tour throughout the Southern and Midwestern U.S.

Elephant Room with Utah Hamrick (bass)


CD release party at the Elephant Room

David thrivin' on a riff...

Taking a break at Roys in Austin, TX. (Tucker, David Chenu, Roscoe Beck, and Jason)

Recording the first album NoGoodbyes

Daniel Durham, Tucker, and Andy Dollerson at Roy's
December 2004--Julia's Cafe in Seattle, Washington with Byron Vannoy on drums and Kendall Eddy on bass
December 2004--Show at the Triple Door in Seattle.  Byron Vannoy on drums, Kendall Eddy on bass.

Jazz Kitchen in Kansas City with Craig Aiken on bass.  Tucker had a lot of fun playing with Craig, he is a great musician.
On the road with Jason Friedrich

Monks House of Jazz in Salt Lake City with Alex Rowe (bass) and Andrew Fockel (drums) July 2004
Brown Bag Concert in Salt Lake City with Ben Johnson (bass) and Jason Friedrich (drums) July 2004