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"I found your music very pleasant to listen to. Everybody sounds good individually and also as an ensemble."

-Airto Moreira World renowned percussionist


"Tucker Rountree is a gifted young guitarist whose debut C.D. contains some very nice gems.  There's a bright future ahead for this fine guitarist."

-Eric Johnson Grammy winning artist and Austin, TX guitar legend


"Great guitar sound."..."When you let loose rhythmically it has a saxophone like thing which I enjoy."

-Wolfgang Muthspiel  Austrian Jazz/Classical guitar virtuoso


"Tucker Rountree is proof that Jazz is far from dead. The young guitarist is the personification of the definition of Jazz. His improvisational excursions always bear fruit. His fingers and pick always find their mark. He is relaxed and confident as well he should be, and his tone and intonation are immaculate. To complete the package, he definitely has composing skills. This is textbook guitaring with great feeling. He's done his homework and is now ready for the world.

 -Phil Upchurch   Renowned L.A. session guitarist for Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin.


"No Goodbyes, exhibits as much maturity as puerility throughout its ably-performed set of eight originals written by group leader and guitarist Tucker Rountree..."  by Alexander K. Fong


"(Tucker is) one talented guy, (his) fingering technique and ideas are lovely"

-Sara Hickman, Grammy winning Austin singer/songwriter.


Review from the Triple Door jazz club in Seattle, Washington December 2004

Tucker Rountree is a jazz guitarist in the complete sense.  His roots and stylistic grasp extend from the elegant, lyrical filigrees of Jim Hall to the blues-in-the-pocket grooves of Wes Montgomery.  Plus, he is totally comfortable in fusion territory, whether the melodic, worldish flights of Pat Metheny or the quicksilver intensity of John McLaughlin.


"I listened to your work and enjoyed it very much! I like your sound...Keep up the nice work."

-Alan Pasqua, L.A.Pianist (Joe Henderson, Tony Williams, Bob Dylan).


"My compliments to you and your cats! Keep up the good work."

-Mike Metheny