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Genre:  Contemporary jazz guitar

Related Artists:  Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Wes Montgomery

Viewers of Austin City Limits might think that the Texas music mecca is exclusively the province of American roots forms:  folk, country, tejano, blues, etc.  Well, there is a thriving little jazz scene as well and right in the middle of it you'll find the Tucker Rountree Sound.

Tucker Rountree is a jazz guitarist in the complete sense.  His roots and stylistic grasp extend from the elegant, lyrical filigrees of Jim Hall to the blues-in-the-pocket grooves of Wes Montgomery.  Plus, he is totally comfortable in fusion territory, whether the melodic, worldish flights of Pat Metheny or the quicksilver intensity of John McLaughlin.

Rountree's eclectic skills and imagination yield a repertoire that is uncommonly diverse.  Mixed in with intriguing originals, you'll hear choice material from Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Charlie Parker along with other jazz and Great American Songbook standards.  Who knows, given the proximity to Christmas, he might even swing a holiday favorite or two.  And, of course, he'll include tunes off his latest self-released CD "No Goodbyes".

Appearing with Rountree tonight will be Kendall Eddy (bass) and Byron Vannoy (drums).